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She loves it!

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Buffy The Vampire Slayer
Things I lyke
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Paris n Nicole

Things I lyke

Things I like...

This page is about things/people I like so ya...

Anyone that knows me knows that I love Rocky and I'm in the Rocky this goes number 1

This is the cast of Queer as Folk. I am fucking obbsessed with QAF, I own season 2, soon more...

Paris Hilton is a rich brat, but I love the bitch!

Nicole Richie is so fuckin awesome, she's everything Paris isn't I love her she's hot shit

Xtina is amazing, her voice is amazing and she's FUCKING HOT

Ok I know I already posted a QAF picture but I'm particularly a Randy Harrison fan, he's the best

Britney is sexy with all her makeup and lighting and hey, she has catchy songs

Favorite Stuff