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Shoutouts to u guys

Hey guys, this is just for people I know and that are my friends, it's not in order really so don't get all "I'm 5th last"....

Read on...

Kackle, I would buy your house...but it's a lil tight and I don't like how you painted the outlets...imagine if you bumped heads with your best friend...and they were dead? "Did Edweena go on vacation?" ya babes

I love you so much you're my sister you mean so much...I can tell you anything and...I found something tasty hahahaha I piss myself laughing avec you. Love you sweetie (remember the queen of the random late nite strippers?)


Elijahmala what to already know I looooooooove you sooo0o0o0o much baby. You're my brother (or shall I say sister) I can tell you anything...well...almost anything lol. Elijahmalalalala. We only fight so much cos we're so alike. I love you.


Hey fudbaby I love you so0o0o much and I miss you when ur away. We styll have to break into our lockers and make them one hahaha you know me so well we can read eachothers minds, awww just writing this makes me wana cry, I miss ya! I'm trying to write ur camp letter, I really am! Love you.


Ok so I don't have time to finish these so I'm just gona write everyone else's name down and finish later.
Hey to- Merle, Trevor, Andrew, Misty,Sarah, Morgan, Bridget, Laurel, Nayiri, Bryn, Andrea, Amanda, Steph, Torrie, Olivia, Ilana, Brad, Eric, Other Sarah, Amy, Melson, Shawn, Jesse, Owen, Dave, Ben, Solana, Lauren, Liz, Kara, Julie, Kathryn, Katherine, Alison, Quinn, Angie...Oh my fucking god I am so bored of writing names if i forgot you I'll add you later.