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New York Pics

Here are all the pics from New York trip summer 2004, enjoy!

Rather Un Flattering pic, but me outside right before we left

Here I might put a picture of my parents.

Not quite in the city yet, but in New York State, me and Rena

Here I might put a picture of any brothers and sisters.

Rena and Tess on the "Staten Island Ferry". Oh Bitch I've got the windy hair look down. lol.

Here I might put a picture of the whole family together, like at a party or wedding.

Miss Tess in front of Radio City Hall, all the stars have been therrrre

Miss Tess has found a better elevator, the one at the HILTON.

I'm in the Met by a painting I liked. I figured the wife was hiring hitmen to kill her husband...

Doing some type of bridge in WoodStock.

Haha this was the fuckin busted stinky ass elevator in our hotel, it was GROSS it smelled like piss!

The Ferry Again, Iuno what the fuck we're doin

Oh this bitch is moving up! The Millenium Hilton bitch!

At nite, the girlies come out for NYC Rocky

Pixely, but us eating on 34th Street

Miss Tess and her...father lol

Here I might put a picture of our family pet.

If anyone else in my family has a web site, I might include a link to it here.